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Vampires at Halloween: a Talk with Bite!

Tuesday 24th October
Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3QQ

They’re everywhere! Novels, movies, TV …

The Vampire has fascinated Western Europe from the early 1700s. But the tradition was a real part of Eastern European lives for a considerable time before that.

In the last three centuries, the icon has been taken up in art of all kinds – literature, film and graphics – and it has had a lasting effect on fashion and culture. But what is the authentic story behind tales of the predatory, living dead, and can we understand a little more about being human by studying these accounts? We will look at recent attempts to understand the folklore and try to work out how an Eastern European ritual made its way to late nineteenth century New England, USA. You may even get the opportunity to sample some ‘real’ vampire blood, if you’re lucky enough.


Werewolves at Halloween: a Talk with Bite!

Thursday 26th October
The Lighthouse Bar & Club, Shoreditch

The werewolf is a very familiar motif from our modern horror. Novels, movies and TV fans seem to love our fanged friends.

But werewolves come from folklore – people really did once believe in them!

We’ll concentrate on sixteenth and seventeenth Western Europeans, who understood several concepts to fall under the ‘werewolf/lycanthropy’ category.

We’ll find out:
– Are all werewolves bad?
– Why was there a surge in werewolf reports at this time?
– How did the Church react to extinguish these outrageous ideas … or did it stoke the fire?
– What does it take to start a werewolf hunt?

Join me for a talk about murderers, scapegoats and witches, and we’ll find out who is worse – man or beast.