Uncanny is one of the two most popular podcasts on Radio Four. Danny Robins presents ghostly tales, with commentary by two experts – a believer and a sceptic.







Season 1, Episode 6
The Brooklyn Poltergeist
A malicious male spirit terrorises model Charli Howard in a New York apartment. Can she exorcise her supernatural stalker?







Season 1, Episode 14
The Haunting of Tanfield House
A student is plagued by a poltergeist in her student digs. But is it trying to help?







Season 2. Case 1.
Every night 19-year-old Marie hears a phantom boy crying. What is the secret to Room 3?







Season 2. Case 9.
Two 17-year-old boys from Northern Ireland are hitchhiking in the Loire Valley in France … when they have a brush with the devil!







Summer Special
Part 1
Part 2

A British family holidaying in Newfoundland stumble upon a remote seaside guest house – where they are about to spend the most terrifying night of their lives.







Season 3. Case 2:
Uncle Jack







Season3 Case 3
The Ghost Who Hated Parties
A derelict cottage becomes a student party house. But the house doesn’t like it.